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Keys to a Premium Hippie Outfit are as follows:

1. Storage space

2. Comfort

3. Color

4. A groovy personality to match

Check out our Textiles page for a taste of what we've got!

hippie playing a singing bowl wearing a hippie hat and a wrap around

Enjoy 15% off all textiles at Blue Frog during the month

of August!!

This includes, tapestries, backpacks, fanny packs, hippie belts, hippie purses, tie dye dresses and blouses, crotchet tops, baja jackets, tshirt, felt festi shoes, and all hippie hats.

If it's cloth, its on sale! The combinations of hippie outifts are off the charts and ready to find their way into your wardrobe!

two bohemian hippies playing a guitar and a djembe  drum

hippie with a handmade backpack with tire tubes  wearing a hippie dress and festi hat

Does this shirt make me look plump?


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