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Halloween Season Is Upon Us!

It's finally October! Fall is on its way in and with it comes all of the lovely and spooky things we enjoy about Halloween. And of course, we love decorating, so we've put together a few photos of our favorite things to decorate with at BlueFrog Imports!

Talavera Jack-o-Lantern

Talavera pumpkins are a wonderful alternative to organic pumpkins on Halloween. No mess, no hassle, and they last from year to year! They're available in a litany of sizes, designs, and colors. The pumpkins also have an opening in them to insert lights.

Propane tank jack-o-lantern

If you prefer to decorate with something a little more unique, these fabulous propane tank jack-o-lanterns were made by Dee and Darrell and simply exude creativity!

Talavera Skulls Pumpkins and Tiles

We don't just have porch decorations either, we've got more skulls and tiles than we know what to do with! Sugar skulls, statues, skulls in top hats, and tiles featuring skeletons make great additions to one's holiday box and there's so many varieties that you're bound to have a unique display in your home!

For the fans of our sports team rings, we have metal rings for Halloween as well! They're highly durable and add great flair to your decorations!

Happy Halloween Metal Ring

We hope you're as excited for Halloween as we are!

-The BlueFrog Imports Team


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