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Witness Metal Animal Symbiosis at the Blue Frog

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

metal art, pottery, metal rooster, hippie
Observe, as a flock of roosters defend the most respected animal in the Bluefrog animal kingdom, the frog

It's spring and we all know what that means!! We're up to our noses in pollen and metal yard out. We're obligated by our own moral conscience to share some of the incredible pieces we received in the form of a metal animal nature show, so sit back and enjoy as the beauty of the Bluefrog animal kingdom works in complete harmony, well, nearly complete...

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho giraffe
A metal giraffe is seen here shielding a fledgling metal dog from the elements

Metal sign VW Bus hippie boho metal art vanlife

Okay, so this one isn't a metal animal, but the brushed metal on these signs is an incredible look, we just had to share it as well, on to the scheduled programming.

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho reading rabbit
Watch in awe as the suited jackrabbit displays a supreme mastery of focus, it take's true focus to read so peacefully in the busy ecosystem of the Bluefrog underground basement

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho T rex
Here, a T-rex is seen guarding a crosswalk for any potential passerby

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho rhino
In an alternate universe, it's the rhino who poaches humans for their extremely valuable hair

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho sunflower sign
Often times metal foliage can be just as inspiring as its animal counterpart, even taking the time to welcome those animals with a groovy sign

metal yard art metal animals hippie boho frog
A metal frog will often display its 'war face' when it feels threatened, this is, however, not a very effective tactic, as the war face isn't very threatening at all.

We hope you've enjoyed this display of harmony, it's only a small taste of the type of magical events that can be seen at the Blue frog!


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