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  • Do you offer local delivery for your product?
    Yes, we offer a free delivery within 10 miles of the store. Beyond a 10 mile radius we can also deliver at a cost of $1.00 per mile.
  • Is your product handmade?
    Yes our product is handmade. We personally make the painted signs, and some of the clothing. The rest of our inventory is sourced from Mexico, India, and Peru.
  • How often do you stock the store with new inventory?
    We stock the store with new product in the Spring and Fall. While in the Summer and Winter we replenish popular inventory several times a month.
  • Do you make the art for all Peace Love and Pizza restaurants?
    Yes we do. Each store takes anywhere from 3-5 months to complete depending on the size of the restaurant. Each store has it's own theme. All of the which revolve around the 70's era. So it's likely that every store is going to have a guitar somewhere.
  • How would you guys recommend your own store to a first timer?
    If you like incense, pottery, hand blown glass (especially drinking glasses), indoor and outdoor metal art, hand painted folk art, or you just enjoy seeing a unique storefront with friendly staff and more product than you could see on your first visit, you're very likely to enjoy the Bluefrog!
  • Do you make custom art pieces?
    We make custom art pieces of nearly any size. We make our art on metal or wood. If you would like to take a look at our Instagram of FB page, we put completed projects on the site almost daily.
  • Are you the store with that crazy art car with all the dolls and toys on it?
    Yes that would be us. It's a 1997 Honda Accord with over 200k miles on it. Years ago, Deidra decided to glue the broken pieces from our store on the car. She always wanted to put her art on something mobile, and when our customers started bringing in boxes of toys and other weird things to glue on we started to glue it all to the car. We use E-6000 glue. The art car is called karma. It is often relocated to different public parking places around Woodstock. Some people say it's a work of art. Some people say it's an eyesore. You can decide for yourself.
  • Did you guys make the mosaic guitar on the Elm Street Event Green behind your store?
    Yes we did. It took us exactly 2 months working 16 hours a day 7 days a week and we loved every single second of it.
  • Do you take other people's art on consignment?
    No, the limited space in our store is already at capacity with our own product.
  • Where does the product come from in your store? Is it fair trade?
    We import from Mexico, Peru, and India. Dave and Deidra Smith, the owners do all of the pop/folk art. We do as much fair trade as possible.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We opened Blue Frog Imports in 2000.
  • What is your return policy?
    We do not give refunds but we will do an exchange or a store credit. If we have a discussion at the time of purchase that you need time to make sure that the piece you buy is going to work for your situation - we allow 48 hours for you to return and get a full refund. However, this is a strict policy and a conversation must take place at the time of the initial to be eligible for a refund.
  • Where did the name BlueFrog come from?
    We do not really know. We knew that we wanted a color and some sort of an animal...
  • Do you do any work for Steve Trash, the eco-friendly magician that has a show on PBS?"
    Yes, we did prop work for him. He loves Deidra's lettering and calls it the Deidrabet.
  • Do you have work in the Truck & Tap Restaurants?
    Yes we make the large food trucks that hang on the wall in each location.
  • How many days a year do you close?
    We are scheduled to be closed 2 days a year, Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  • Do you allow dogs in your store?
    Yes, as long as they are leashed. Additionally, we have water outside and inside, especially on hot days......and a treat if your dog is allowed.
  • Can people take pictures in your store?
    Please do! We love pictures and especially love being tagged on social media!

Blue Frog Imports FAQ

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