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So, you want to be a Bluefrog Ambassador?

Welcome to the first step of becoming a Bluefrog Imports Brand Ambassador,

We are on the hunt for creative & outgoing individuals that embody the spirit of Bluefrog. We consider our ambassadors a very important part of our social media team! We are seeking hippies who are not only enthusiastic about our products, but also exemplify the personality of Bluefrog and its shoppers.

Whether you’re 16, 65 or an astral spirit from beyond, we want to hear from you! Above all, we want our Bluefrog Ambassadors to reflect the values of our company.  

We will be looking for laid back, passionate and creative individuals who love to shop and are interested in helping with the overall exposure of our store with your shining personalities.  It’s a Win Win! And of course, you’ve got to love sharing your creativity through Instagram as much as we do. Think this sounds like you? Read below for all the details!


How it works if you work it:

Bluefrog Ambassadors will be required to promote Bluefrog on their personal, public Instagram account and tag us in your pictures while wearing, displaying or using products purchased from @Bluefrogimports. On occasion, Bluefrog will give out gifts (in addition to a discount) to their ambassadors to promote on their Instagram story or page.

Every month, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work on helping us with promotions in our pursuits to spread art as far out as we can! If you love funky clothes, incense and many other exciting goodies, love sharing the things you enjoy on social media, have a creative eye and want discounts and gifts, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Brand Ambassador: Zara 

Requirements and Expectations:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age

  • Have a public Instagram page

  • Dedicated to using social media for positivity

  • Post two promotional posts on your page per month centered around the products you enjoy! (Bluefrog must be tagged in a photo displaying items, clothing, jewelry Etc.)

  • Promote Bluefrog with at least 4 Instagram stories per month (2 stories must be your original content; 2 stories can be shared posts from our Instagram page. We MUST be tagged in all ambassador posts for them to count)

  • Help to spread awareness of store sales, events, etc.

  • Commit to a minimum of one 3-month term.

  • Most importantly we want you to have fun and become part of the Bluefrog family!!

Your Rewards:

Natasha 1.jpg
mystery gang .jpg

Brand Ambassadors (top to bottom): Sophie, Nelson and Chloe 

  • a $25 gift card to our store every month

  • 15% off discount at our store

  • 10% off trackable for friends and family

  • Bluefrog boxes filled with gifts and promo items sent to you on occasion

  • Opportunity to be recognized on the Bluefrog Instagram/Facebook page

  • First access to sales and promotions!

In addition to the discounts, goodies and social exposure you’ll receive, we will also host the occasional meet up to have our ambassadors get to know each other and give you the opportunity to be a part of group photo shoots and other fun shenanigans.

Brand Ambassador: Natasha

Sound like a good fit?

Fill out an application here!

We accept new ambassadors quarterly, if you aren't chosen as an ambassador this time around, feel free to submit another application. We will be inviting our next round of ambassadors in December.

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