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Our Irresistible New Boho Pants

Throughout the history of BlueFrog Imports people have had an eye for the patchwork pants frequently sported by Dave, and after much inquiry, they are finally available at BlueFrog!

Boho Patchwork Pants

In a legendary game of who wore it better, Dj.Pink and Dave had the opportunity to model some of these pants. The ones seen above are the male oriented type, on the left one can see they ankles are open and breezy, but can also be cuffed for a more parachute-pants-type vibe, which also keeps them off of the floor if you happen to be on the shorter side of the spectrum.

Female Boho Patchwork Pants

Here the female oriented pants are clearly acceptable for both genders, but have wider ankles and a wider elastic waistband to hold them up. Our models obviously can't get enough of these patterns!

Patchwork Hippie Boho Pants

The Patchwork pants come in a variety of colors and patterns as well! If dark earthy tones aren't your style they come in bright floral patterns as well!

We love these pants and are beyond excited to have them for purchase at Bluefrog! Be sure to stop by and take a look!


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