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The Scent of Serenity: Our newest incense order

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We've restocked the store with all of your favorite flavors of incense and we've even got some brand new products that we're excited to share! Without mentioning all 600 flavors of incense we carry. A few we have that are quite popular are Darshan, Egyptian Musk, Feng Shui, Dragons blood, frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, super hit, and nag champa. We try to meet your requests to bring in your favorite flavors.

We've added the Seven Chakras Incense to our inventory and these packages are the real deal. They come stocked with a package for each chakra and each individual package has a description of the chakra and its purpose. The scents in these packages come strong, you can smell them from a mile away, so we're sure you wont have to look too hard to find them in the store!

Incense Wide Boxes

The Satya and Hem brand wide boxes are always a surprise to us, not only do they come in some incredible packages (I can't be kept away from the holographic packaging) , but they always introduce a really distinct trait to scents that we're familiar with. From a powdery and extremely floral lavender to black champa, these wide packages set themselves apart from other incense both in appearance and scent.

Bulk Gold Statue Incense

Coming with a whopping 100 sticks; Gold Statue Incense boasts the "Fragrance Of A Nation" which is a wonderful balance between a floral and a musky scent, for the one scent incense burners, this is the optimal package!

resin burner, yerber wand, and celtic blend incense

For the pros we have new resin burners and stands as well as Yerber cleansing wands. These Yerber wands are like nothing I've ever smelled before, they have a very distinct funky smell, these things will make your home smell like none other! We also carry the most popular white sage smudge sticks. Recently we went on a resin search and found some new ones, celtic blend, copal, dragonsblood, gum arabic, frankincense, myrrh, and even palo santo. Essential roll on oils are quite popular. We made the shift several years ago to carry resin as customers kept asking.

We didn't just get incense in either, we've got several styles of unscented/prayer candles as well, which can feed the spiritualist in you as well as provide some ambiance. 7 Chakra candles are a staple. We also carry a wide variety of scented candles.

These are just a few of our favorite additions to our vast incense inventory, you'll have to come in to see it all, but hopefully this post has peaked your interest as much as the products did mine!


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