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Metal, Pottery and folk art 

At Bluefrog Imports we carry a myriad of different types of art, from handmade folk art to the history rich art of Talavera. Below you can find info on the different forms of art that we house within our shop. 

metal art sculptures for yard for sale
colorful metal yard art

Metal Art sculptures

Imported from Mexico, long time best seller and household favorite around woodstock, our metal art sculptures are as affordable as they are gorgeous!

metal yard art woodstock

Deidra's Art

Our resident artist and Co-owner, better known as Dee, takes found items and Upcycled materials to create incredible works of art with as much personality as the artist herself. 

witty hippie signs art
Dee's Woodstock Guitar back .png
Elm Street Event green "Live, love, Woodstock" Mosaic Guitar (Back)

Find out more about Dee and her work here!

Talavera Pottery

The art of talavera dates back to the 16th century in the town of Talavera De La Reina, Spain. Spanish monks living in Mexico sent for craftsmen to teach the indigenous people of the region how to work the clay so they could decorate their monastery in Puebla, Mexico. 

talavera pottery pieces
talavera pottery for sale
talavera pottery art for sale
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