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Art Car Karma Makeover

We recently completed an overhaul of the entire car.

Trying to make it pretty funky again.

On the way home to be re-done.

This was back in 2006 when we started working on the artcar. At our old store in Alpharetta, Ga. We started working on the artcar as a way to display art in an outside environment. First we started with items that were broken from the store. After we ran out of broken items, our customers started to bring in items to put on the car. After collecting a few boxes we started gluing again. The first and second phase lasted about a year. We used to get pulled over by the cops in Roswell. Giving a warning for obstruction of view. We decided to remove the objects of the back glass.

This was in the early days of Deidra working on the artcar back in 2006

We did a complete overhaul on the Artkar Karma. We took a hammer and chisel to any area that was falling apart or worn out from the sun rays. Then we sanded any area we didn't like. Next came a cleaning and a prime coat, then some more sanding, and a finish paint. Deidra my wife and artist took over after that arranging what some people say is a eye sore. Which I absolutely love. Yes I'am in your face with this carzy piece of what we call Art. Most people love the Artkar. They bring there friends and family to see it in the parking lot, behind @Truckandtap . The picture here is the car parked on the gravel lot that is now the public parking for Woodstock.

The car has over 200K miles on it. I repoed it a long time ago, when I was a repo-man. Hey man you don't take a bus is what I used to tell people. I'd let them use up there excuses. But as soon as there addy or phone number was no good. It was game on. This car came from Fabio.

We used to take it to art festivals all over the southeast. I think that chapter in life is likely done. When we travel with it, it's like being followed by the posse there are camera's flashing all over.

UP next is the Ram van. Dee wants to only paint it. No 3D stuff. It takes forever to clean this car.

Recently completed re-do of the art car Karma



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